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The last three weeks have been eye opening to say the least. July 1st it became legal to offer greatly discounted pre payment options for people who have insurance but because of huge deductibles and copays it really isn’t insurance.   Dr. Sklar M.D. told me that one of his problems now is that when patients should be going to specialists for complicated care they don’t go because they cant afford the copay and the deductible.

I believe that from the Doctors perspective being affordable and being able to pay my overhead have to be  considered. I  believe that the value of the treatment should be based on its ability to heal a condition. Sometimes that only takes a couple of treatments other times much longer.  I do have a bachelors of Science degree in Human anatomy and a Chirpopractic degree from the best school in the world.

I love it when I only have to see each patient one time and they are  out of pain  such as with a sacroiliac joint being out of place. It takes more visits to treat some one with horrible headaches caused by the curve in their neck being backward. For that we have to repeatedly adjust the neck and rehabilitate the muscles so the natural curve will come back helping the muscles to relax taking the pain away. I find myself going to peoples homes and treating them with proper nutrition and exercise  three to five times a week so they can regain their strength .Short term care plans work better for individual “joints”long term care plans work better for correcting the natural curves of the spine and helping regain there overall strength. .Up until now I have been hesitant to offer anything but ” joint”relief because I knew Insurance companies would deny most other types of care. Now that patients can pay for their care up front  after their initial exam and  based on myength. I treat many Patients with problems of the feet ankles and knees with adjustments and the most modern heel inserts. I have been  Going to Peoples homes who can not get out offering Laboratory testing to determine the true illnesses of the people. and the list goes on.  Most of it is partially paid for by Insurance but my GOAL IS TO MAKE IT AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE; especially  people who are shut ins and need me to come to their homes.

25 years of experience I lay out a treatment plan informing the patient exactly what their total out of cost is based on their different treating options.

I am good at treating Neck Back and joint pain and the problems that arise from those problems such as headaches, arm pain  and muscle pain. Im great at utilizing science based nutrition to improve a persons diet to lose weight or regain str

I know based on 25 years of experience about how long it will take to correct the problem it just makes sense to offer discounted treatment plans that are affordable based on my previous experience.  It also makes sense to offer greatly discounted prices for people who prepay to come in once a month.

What doesn’t make sense is to not go to the specialist you need because you don’t know what your out of pocket portion is because you dont think you can afford your co-pay and deductible.

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