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Lose Weight LogoI was taught in college that healthy living/eating is what maintains a healthy weight. That Fad diets and binge eating are not effective means of weight control doing more harm than good. I absolutely believe that is true.

I looked in the Mirror three days ago and do not like what I see. I’m 54 years old six foot three inches weighing in at 300 pounds. My ideal weight for me is about 225. If I keep going down this road I will become diabectic and die way before my time. But what to do?

My solution is my Sister; let me explain.

My sister Sue Ely has started working out of my office Assisting people to lose weight using quality products. To say the least I was not a believer in anything but a fruit and vegetable diet. But time has proven me wrong she is an excellent weight loss coach using her methods with proven results;

My 86 year old Father suffered from lymphoma last fall and while the lymphoma is in complete remission he was left so weak from the therapy my older sister actually called in Hospice.. When my youngest sister Sue arrived from Colorado she said that by using proper nutrition science Dad would to regain his Health and Vitality. At the time of this writing its four months later and that is what has happening Each day. He has improved dramatically.

She has also worked with a number of patients in my office who have come in with the problems caused by being over weight I have seen significant weight loss under her coaching. I can debate what the best method is for weight loss but I cant debate the results.

Finally I have been suffering from a tracheal ulcer which I have been and will continue seeing a gastroenterologist for treatment. My sister has made some nutritional recommendations that have helped relieve my pain.

Academy of Natural TherapyBecause I have seen her save my Dad, help my patients and add to my tracheal ulcer treatment she has earned my confidence. I texted her about weight loss last night this is what she texted back.

“I know weight loss inside n out. I’ve coached years of people losing, gaining and building muscle n reaching their goals.

All of our programs work if you follow my coaching and directions, if you don’t, you won’t lose weight!!

It’s your choice n if your not going to following my coaching your wasting my time n your money”

If your interested in healthy living producing a healthier body Please call us if you would like a consultation today.

My trials and tribulations of my first week of changing how I eat

My sister started coaching me last week in weight loss. In the last week I have also studied many of the wight loss plans figuring out which one was best for me. I believe the mediterranean diet would be best if it came with a coach but it doesn’t. Whatever plan I use I would prefer a coach just like Alcoholics Anonymous has coaches and support.

I left my Port Charlotte office Thursday evening and drove home like I have done a thousand times before. Normally I would stop by Wendy’s and have a double cheeseburger but this time I said no. I had the worse cravings I have ever had in my life and it was for a cheeseburger. I called my sister on my cell phone and she talked me through it. She stayed on the the phone with me until I ate a protein bar and my craving subsided. In the past when I was having craivngs I ate cheeseburgers. Gosh, no wonder I’m 8O POUNDS overweight.

Now Im seeing constant ads on television encouraging me to eat “fast food” like Wendy’s cheeseburgers. Obesity is an epidemic in America and Ive caught it. Lets pray that with my sister’s coaching I can be cured.

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