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Chiropractic Care After a Motor Vehicle Accident

We’ll work with you to provide affordable, effective care following a motor vehicle accident.

Have you already gone to the emergency room after a motor vehicle accident? If this is the case and you still need follow-up care, we can help you.

If the emergency room bill is so high that you can’t seek any further treatment, you can visit our office and we will work with you to have your bills reduced through negotiation…all while we get you the treatment needed to reduce your pain whether you’re the at fault driver or not.

Many resources have shown that hospitals have begun to charge many people 40 times more than the normal rate for many procedures. For a procedure that would normally cost $400, some emergency rooms have charged over $16,000.

What does this mean for you?

After an accident, due to the excessive billing of emergency rooms, this may devour all of your insurance coverage, leaving you with little or no coverage at all for further treatment.

We offer a solution! When you call us we can refer you to lawyers who can negotiate bills. In many instances, the hospital will lessen the charges to under $1,000. If the insurance company has already paid the hospital, we can refer lawyers to you who have gotten patients reimbursed for the hospital’s excessive billing practices. Due to this, patients are able to get the needed follow up care with chiropractors and medical doctors.

Take Action

If you have been to an emergency room and you do not know what your charges are yet, please visit one of our offices or call us immediately so we can audit your charges before the insurance company pays your claim. If you have not been to any doctor since your accident and are in pain please come in for an injury evaluation.

Call (941) 460-0287 today to learn more!

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