A married couple smiles after making whoopee for the first time in ten years.

I have an insurance executive come into the office complaining of low back pain.   I took a set  of X-rays and found that he had a spondylothesis  in the lowest part of his spine.  That is a vertebra(bone) that slid forward on the bone beneath it for a quarter inch.  While many are asymptomatic I decided this patients back pain was coming from a combination of sitting way to much and not exercising.  His therapy consisted of adjustments and core strengthening exercises. His back pain quickly diminished. One Day he came in with his wife smiling. He said he had an erection for the first time in ten years.  His wife was so happy . For the first time I saw with my own eyes that yes if the nerves going to the organs are un pinched miraculous things can happen!

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