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Active Isolated Stretching in Englewood

Active Isolated Stretching is for people who are just stiff. They might be stiff after overdoing a day at the gym, mowing the grass or their just getting older. The benefits of isolated stretching for an athlete are obvious. The benefits for an office worker who has sat in the same chair day in day out for the last 20 years is even greater. I see more people in pain from a lack of physical activity than too much activity. They are the ones who come in stating that they have had low back pain for the last 5 years and it is gradually getting worse those are the patients that experience the greatest relief.

When a baby is first born he or she can bend like a pretzel, but as they get older most people get stiffer and stiffer. Have you ever watched a person who is younger but stiff? They walk like a senior citizen who hasn’t kept themselves in shape. You are as old as you feel.

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If you can benefit from active isolated stretching my promise to you is that I will get you in and out of the clinic under 35 minutes. It doesn’t take a lot of time but it is effective.

We try to be a great value and so affordable you don’t need insurance.

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