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How long does it take to get better?

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Every person I have ever worked on in my office always asks me how long it will take them to recover from what ever problem they have when they come into the office. With 28 years of experience I have gotten very good at predicting how long recovery will take based on their problem.

If a patient has just a kink no matter how painful it is I can normally adjust it once or twice and the patient has relief. An example would be lower back pain that is caused by walking on an uneven surface like the beach.

If the patient has done something that stretches the ligaments and tendons around the joint inflaming the joint. Then it takes longer two or three weeks because not only does the joint have to be reset; the muscles and tendons have to strengthen and the joint has to de-inflame.

If a person has had a severe trauma like a car accident then it takes longer. The joints have to be put back in place the tendons and ligaments have to be strengthened and STRETCHED. Scar tissue needs to be broke down or it will become permanent. If the patients injury requires a multidisciplary approach we will also have you be co-treated by an M.D. too. The U.S. Occupational guidelines for this type of injury states medical and conservative therapy for eight weeks is recommended.

If a patient comes in with foot and or ankle problems I examine the persons foot biomechanics and then prescribe the appropriate Inserts along with in office therapy. It takes about two to three weeks of treatment.

If a person requests a house call and they have a bone out of place it is normally one visit.

If it is an elderly patient who needs Nutrition Therapy and Exercise it might take one to four months to get them going.


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