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Plummer Chiropractic and Wellness Financial Policy

We Accept Most Commercial Insurances

This much we know:

It’s your health- Be careful that you aren’t inclined to not come in minimize your problem because a third party wont pay for what’s needed.

It won’t cover everything – Regardless of your carrier or specific policy, you can be almost certain that it won’t cover all the care you’ll need!

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We accept most Commercial Insurances including Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Multiplan, Automobile Insurance and Workers’ Compensation

For self-pay patients, after the fist visit, we offer the purchase of booklets for 5 or 10 visits at a time.

Once we have an opportunity to evaluate your case, we’ll explain what we’ve found and what we think it will take for you to get well, and just as important, to stay well.

Our experienced administrative staff will coordinate your care with your insurance company and will make every effort to work with you. We accept credit cards, private pay and have payment plans.

The new insurance reality for many Americans who do not have Federal, State or Union-backed insurance plans are their plans carry a large deductible. Normally the deductible is around $6,200. It is now legal in Florida for people to “opt out of their Insurance”. I encourage everybody to first use their Insurance benefits when possible. If your Insurance price is far greater than our pre-paid package plans, use one of our plans. We understand that your out of pocket expenses is what’s important to you.

We honor all physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic memberships from out of town.

During Your First Visit

During a patient’s first visit we will inform you what your insurance plan will pay for and what your out of pocket expense will be and you will decide what you want to do such as paying for a pre-paid package plan or your insurance. It’s your choice to pick a greatly discounted pre-paid plan or your insurance plan.

After the initial acute care is completed we offer once a month adjustment for $25 dollars when patients pre-pays for four months at a time.

We refer patients to different imaging centers that will give you a huge discount on any imaging studies you need such as an MRI or X-Ray. We belong to the Florida Professional Coop for highly discounted laboratory testing.I will order any laboratory test you need without a huge mark up.

These services are great for patients, including our foreign visitors or snowbirds, that need testing but have huge deductibles or are out of network OR simply want to pay out of their pocket without going through the waiting period for managed care to ok their procedure.

Payment Methods

Now Legal to Offer Greatly Discounted Prepayment Options

The last three weeks have been eye opening to say the least. July 1st it became legal to offer greatly discounted pre payment options for people who have insurance but because of huge deductibles and copays it really isn’t insurance. Dr. Sklar M.D. told me that one of his problems now is that when patients should be going to specialists for complicated care they don’t go because they cant afford the copay and the deductible.

I believe that from the Doctors perspective being affordable and being able to pay my overhead have to be considered. I believe that the value of the treatment should be based on its ability to heal a condition. Sometimes that only takes a couple of treatments other times much longer. I do have a bachelors of Science degree in Human anatomy and a Chiropractic degree from the best school in the world.

I love it when I only have to see each patient one time and they are out of pain such as with a sacroiliac joint being out of place. It takes more visits to treat some one with horrible headaches caused by the curve in their neck being backward. For that we have to repeatedly adjust the neck and rehabilitate the muscles so the natural curve will come back helping the muscles to relax taking the pain away. I find myself going to peoples homes and treating them with proper nutrition and exercise three to five times a week so they can regain their strength. Short term care plans work better for individual “joints” long term care plans work better for correcting the natural curves of the spine and helping regain there overall strength. Up until now I have been hesitant to offer anything but “joint” relief because I knew Insurance companies would deny most other types of care. Now that patients can pay for their care up front after their initial exam and based on my strength. I treat many Patients with problems of the feet ankles and knees with adjustments and the most modern heel inserts. I have been Going to Peoples homes who can not get out offering Laboratory testing to determine the true illnesses of the people. and the list goes on. Most of it is partially paid for by Insurance but my GOAL IS TO MAKE IT AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE; especially people who are shut ins and need me to come to their homes.

25 Years of Experience

25 years of experience I lay out a treatment plan informing the patient exactly what their total out of cost is based on their different treating options.

I am good at treating Neck Back and joint pain and the problems that arise from those problems such as headaches, arm pain and muscle pain. I’m great at utilizing science based nutrition to improve a persons diet to lose weight or regain strength.

I know based on 25 years of experience about how long it will take to correct the problem it just makes sense to offer discounted treatment plans that are affordable based on my previous experience. It also makes sense to offer greatly discounted prices for people who prepay to come in once a month.


Prepay Extends Care

As a chiropractor my favorite condition to work on are people who have thrown out one of their sacroiliac joints. The patient will generally come in complaining of pain on the right or left side of his sacrum “the joints feel like dimples on each side of the the lower back “they describe the pain as stabbing.” I have noticed that walking on uneven surfaces like the beach, carrying luggage or giving birth can force the joint out of place. It can be extremely painful. Normally the person lays down on my table and I set the bone back in place. My advice to the patient is almost always to ice it and come back when it hurts. It will hurt again if and when you throw it out again.

I have a patient in his thirties that occasionally throws it out. His insurance said he was covered for up to 30 visit’s a year. Even though each time he throws it out I will only see him once at most twice his Insurance company denied all visits per calendar year after 6 visits they simply said it wasn’t medically necessary. I sent the information above to the insurance company in simple and doctor talk. They didn’t care they still denied care again. I don’t know of any patient with this insurance company who has received more than 6 visits even if their policy stated 40 or 50 visit’s a year no matter what their problem was including accidents. This is why I love that Florida has made prepaid plans for care legal in Florida.

I am writing this August 5th 2018 One month after changes in state law have allowed us to offer pre-paid plans to patients. I have experienced the following in the first month.

I have been very pleasantly surprised with the results. When new patients come in we do everything we can to give them the best care possible on their very first visit. If they need follow up care Brenda My office manager brings up their insurance plan on the computer as they check out. Brenda figures out if a prepaid plan or using their insurance is best for them. Patients with federal or state insurance tend to use it. Patients with huge deductibles tend to buy a pre-paid plan plus Mri’s are at greatly reduced price. The one group that is very unhappy about this are patients who were use to having all their care paid for by their insurance companies while many plans continue to cover everything some do not.. I sigh and move on. I can’t please everyone but I do try. We have a satisfaction guarantee on the first visit or your money back.

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