Blue Cross Double Cross

I signed up for blue cross blue shield in March thinking the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance was the best there is and its the best insurance out there.  I had no idea how awful they have become under  gov. Rick Scott.   I learned that I could not go to the local hospital and use my BCBS. I have to drive an additional half  an hour to get to the nearest  emergency room that will accept  the insurance plan.

In January Blue Cross Blue Shield ok’d my testosterone replacement therapy. but in march cancelled it.  Yesterday I received a letter that said they will not allow spinal procedures such as surgery unless they approve of it first and judging by their previous actions I know what my chances are of getting that approved for myself or any of patiients when they need more than chiropractic or rehabilitation.

What makes it criminal is Blue Cross Blue Shield made all of these changes after I signed up for their plan but the cuts in benefits were allowed  past the date that I could change the plan to fit my needs.  Kentucky has a law that insurance companies can’t pull a bait and switch Florida should get it too.

If I have a heart attack in the next 6 months before I can change carriers I could very easily be dead.


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