Coronavirus Concerns

I have finally had a chance to sit down and study the Center for Disease Control webpage and listened to a couple of the so-called experts on the cable news network concerning the Coronavirus. These are the conclusions I have drawn from it.

People over 80 have about a 15% chance of dying if they contract the virus and they have serious underlying health conditions. The age group between 70-80 has about a 9% chance of dying if they also have serious underlying health conditions. The under 50 group has very little to worry about unless of course they have many serious underlying health conditions. Most people, even if they get extremely sick, will recover if they have good hospital care.

The problem is this virus spreads very quickly in group settings. By staying out of groups, the spreading of the virus is greatly slowed so the hospitals can handle the truly sick people as they come in.

What this means for me is that I will continue to be open but I am testing everybody’s temperature as soon as they walk in the door and if anybody is running any temperature I will ask them to go home for 2 weeks. If a member of my staff has a fever they will also be sent home for 2 weeks. I believe it’s best not to let the virus into the office and we have bought extra alcohol wipes and we have also put in high end air filters that will collect viruses.

I am the primary care giver for my 87 year old father who has serious health conditions. I believe it’s reasonable for me to check my temperature every 2-3 hours when I’m with him. With modern thermometers, that’s not even a big deal.

Anybody coming into my office should feel fairly safe that the office is a Coronavirus-free zone.

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