Does Englewood have a speeding problem a cop problem or a Drug problem?

I remember when Charlotte County finished widening and adding street lights to 776. the county did a beautiful job.  As soon s they were done it became apparent the police were using the street for traffic stops. Three or four times a week there always seemed to be three or four different squad cars pulled over.  I thought to myself wow we must have a real speeding problem.

Two or three years later on the same road the local Charlotte County Sheriffs Department pulled me over stating that I wasn’t driving straight.  I informed the deputy that I watched him pull behind me at the Circle K and follow me for over two miles and being  as I was also a drivers education instructor I was sure I was driving in a straight line.  His response was he was really pulling me over to check my tax title and insurance; he lied.  He ran everything and then said have a nice evening and sent me on my way with a much lower opinion of the local sheriffs office integrity.  I also realized that many of the cars that I had seen pulled over weren’t being pulled over for speeding, they were being pulled over at random and without cause to check insurance, etc.

During the last couple of years I have become painfully aware that the Englewood schools and community are fighting a horrible illegal drug scourge and that searching cars for drugs is a great way to battle the scourge except for it’s unconstitutional when done without consent of the driver.

I have observed the police stopping cars for both understandable reasons and for no reason.  After the car is stopped, the  Charlotte  County Sheriffs officer has searched cars with or without permission. I know that the police intentions are good but are we willing to trample our constitutional rights in the hopes of slowing down illegal drugs?

I have outfitted all my cars with 360 audio/visual recording devices.

What do you think?

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