My brother's heart attack is a game changer

My brother in law had a major heart attack last week and thanks to modern medicine he is up and doing incredibly well especially compared to what he would have been like 25 years ago.
Even though he is only 53 he had most the precursors to it. He was obese, diabetic did not exercise and drank beer like a fish.
But about five years ago he quit eating crap and drinking. He shed many pounds and is much lighter. So why did he have a heart attack?
I have observed in people that once a person get morbidly obese it puts incredible strain on their bodies. While he is much lighter today his arteries still have damage that was caused when he was obese.
Had he not lost the weight he would be dead now. I have also gained 40 pounds in the last Five years even though I havnt changed my diet.
I had a complete physical with laboratory testing done four months ago. I found I had high triglycerides and low testosterone. Lowering the triglycerides is much easier than raising the testosterone.
Im hoping by taking an Aspirin a day, eating properly and exercising along with testosterone replacement I will the fat and not suffer the same fate as my brother in law.

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