My Little Dog Wondered away from the house Yesterday

Wednesday My little dog waggles got out of my fenced back yard at eight in the morning. He is 12.5 years old and got lost. I DID everything I could think of to find him. I closed all the chiropractic offices so I could devote all the office energy to find him.
We Put 450 flyers in the closest house mailboxes, called the animal shelters in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties, Every Veternarian In Englewood, I Drove the streets the entire day looking for him and two of my assistants went door to door until Dark.
I was heart broken and exhausted.
Then one of my assistants Ashley had an Idea. Why don’t we tell all our friends on face book. She posted it at 10 oclock at night by 11.45 the same night we had our little Dog Back. God Bless the person who took him in and kept him safe.

The power of social media is earth shaking when used for good.


Dr. Gary PLummer

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