My personal Battle with weight loss

I must admit that treating car accident victims has left me guilt free. No matter what their current health or weight there pain is caused by trauma compared to treating patients that have back pain because their obese. I use to bluntly tell low back pain patients that a lot of their pain would go away if they lost weight and became healthier.
In the last 5 years I have gained 40 lbs of weight. The weight has made my low back occasionally hurt. I know if I lost 40 lbs my low back pain would go away. But up until now I have been totally unsuccessful at my weight loss but if I was honest with myself to lose weight I would have to eat healthy smaller portions and exercise. I’m finding the habits of eating everything including the kitchen table die hard. And it much easier to watch athletes than being the athelete.
I started changing my lifestyle 4 weeks ago. I had complete blood work done in the office and discovered that my testosterone levels were near 0. Along with testosterone shots I am now implementing other healthy lifestyle changes.
I know that with out the test tosterone I will not be successful in my quest to become healthier.
If you are having problems with weight come in to the office and I will order the same test for you that I just did on myself. There are many causes of obesity besides just eating to much.

Gary PLummer

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