Our Car accident patients"faking it"

I had a patient in last week who asked me how many patients have I treatedfor automobile accidents that were faking it for  insurance money. My Answer surprised her.  I said in my 25 years of being a chiropractor I have had hundreds of car accident patients including when I practiced in West Des Moines Iowa and Paris Tennessee. I always palpate “feel”  “Test” a patients joints to see if the joint has proper motion and “springiness”  at the same time Im doing that  Im comparing the joint with the Surrounding Tissue determining if it is Hotter, Colder or the same temperature.  I am also testing if it feels spongy or immovable like cement.  A trained chiropractor using this method along with an excellent case history can determine in under 5 minutes if the patient is faking their Injury.

I believe I had one patient in Tennessee that was faking it. I also believe that I once had a patient sent in by the Insurance companies to test if I am a honest Doctor.  I passed with Flying colors and I didnt accept that client because  doubted  his story.

My experience is maybe one in 500 patients are faking their Injuries from a car accident.

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