Why do we do Rehabilitation?

I had a car accident victim in this morning. She was wondering what my treatment protocol is for people who are in severe pain. My response was my first objective is to get their pain level down to a manageable level. I do that using Dr. Mason a boarded emergency room physician On the first visit he will greatly  reduce your pain level.  The next step is to start working with the body to get the torn muscles and ligaments to heal properly. I have a numerous techmiques to get the body to heal.   Moderate to severe car accidents always tear and stretch ligaments the main goal of the therapy is to assist the muscle fibers to lay down the fibers in a parallel row. what we don’t want is the scar tissue to just form a plug with the fibers running any which way.   When the muscle fails in the future it will be because the plugs tear because they are not pliable.  The Goal of therapy is not to make a patient into Arnold Schwarzeneger but a pre accident status

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