Whiplash: What is the most effective treatment?

Whiplash: What treatments really are most effective?
my patients have always had the best results when they are seen by both me and a medical doctor. The approach I utilize is to give the patient a very good exam following it it up with the necessary magnetic imaging studies. Then depending on the patients pain and injury level the patient has a consultation with a Medical Doctor. If the patient has a high injury level they receive decadrone shots along with chiropractic process. If they have a moderate lev
The remanipulation, physical therapy and proper nutrition to expedite their healing sults are superior to somebody who does nothing el of pain they receive oral medications along with chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy and proper nutrition. If they have a low level of pain they are told to take over the counter medications and are given a regime of chiropractic treatments, physical therapy and proper nutritional Olympics who are getting over a sports injury. after an accident e

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