More Covid-19 Concerns

I’m Gary Plummer, Rotonda’s auto Injury doctor. I have a Bachelors in natural science and I am a Florida Licensed chiropractor. I believe in good science and the scientific method.

The media coverage of the coronavirus is driving me nuts: Let me explain.

For an unvaccinated person to benefit from herd immunity the people they are in contact with have to have a 93% to 95% vaccination rate or have already contracted the virus and are now immune to it.

As of April 13th, 2020 Less than 2% of the U.S. population has contracted Covid-19 and there is no vaccine yet.

Unless everyone gets vaccinated before we end “sheltering in place” the moment we stop sheltering in place the virus will have a resurgence.

The original reports that the virus mainly affected elderly people was incorrect. Over half of the people in the hospitals are under 60.

Also the concept that when patient’s fever have broken they are as good as they were before the virus is simply not true. Many patients are left with emphysema and other permanent ailments.

Since it’s highly doubtful that we will have a vaccination before November, this puts the football season in jeopardy or any rally with more than 10 people. People living along the Gulf coast, there is another sinister reality. If a hurricane comes our way and people need to evacuate to public shelters, they will put themselves at risk for contracting Covid-19.

A hurricane evacuation is 100 times worse than going to a football game or rally.

My new hurricane plan is to stay in Englewood unless I think a major hurricane has a high probability of hitting here during hurricane season. If there is a high probability, I will have to fly or drive to the Midwest and plan to stay there until late October.

Public sheltering form Gulf coast hurricanes is dangerous. I guarantee until we have a vaccine or 93% to 95% of the population have already contracted the virus it’s not safe to evacuate to a public building especially if the power/air condtioning goes out. If you think a cruise ship is bad, this will be worse. I’d like our government officials to implement new hurricane plans before the season.

As of today, April 13, 2020, approximately 1% of the population in New York State has become infected with the Covid-19 virus which means until 93 to 95% of that population gets vaccinated or contracts the virus you cannot re-open the state.

If any state is reopened before a vaccine, the virus will simply infect the 99% of the population that hasn’t had the virus.

Without a vaccine it is simply impossible to eliminate all the active cases of the virus worldwide.

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