Does Scoliosis always cause pain

I have been working on a patient for the last couple of months and she just wasn’t progressing as fast as we would normally like. So we took a couple of X-rays.  (unless there is trauma or there is a pretty solid reason to run a bunch of tests I normally like to do a thourough hands on exam and  wait fir  the expensive studies unless the patient doesn’t respond to treatment quickly.) Her X-rays showed she had a severe low back scoliosis that  is putting extreme stress on one little part of her  low back. The scoliosis is putting so much stress on two vertabra that adjusting alone was not enough to reduce the stress on the vertabra.  I believe in hwe case  that we have to reduce the scoliosis first to get the pain reduced in those couple of joints. We will probably reduce the scoliosis by putting a simple heal left in the shoe.   Chiropractic works really most of the time and when it doesn’t a little further investigation will almost always come up with the reason why.   In treating all patients I always try to do the least invasive techniques first and then do the more complicated.

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