Dr. Plummer

Patient: I have been a chiropractic patient for most of my life and have visited many different offices, in various localities, as I’ve moved many times. Each doctor has their own way of running the practice has their techniques, which differ somewhat from the other. Personality differences, that’s what makes things interesting! The office of Dr Gary Plummer is Florida casual and he and his staff are friendly and offer the personal touch. I first went into the office right after I moved to Englewood, to get information about the office and Brenda was very helpful and explained the office policies. Then I took my Domestic Partner in for treatment of back and hand pain. He was better after the first treatment and he had been reluctant to go in the beginning .He and the Doctor are both gardeners (reason for the pain), so they had something in common to discuss. I went for my New Patient visit yesterday and was having hip and leg pain. Dr Plummer chatted with me and asked about lifestyle and my health history. This is necessary to diagnose what each patient needs for ongoing good health and treatment.He adjusted my back and massaged the appropriate area and then proceeded to help with other issues I’ve had lately and scheduled me with the massage therapist, next. His fees are reasonable, and my medicare doesn’t cover all costs for chiropractic, so I left satisfied with my treatment all round.  I worked in the dental field for 45 years, so I know about medical procedures and appreciate the personal touch in health care. I like too, that his dog is with him at work and not stuck at home, alone all day. Wish more offices were pet friendly!  That negative reviewer only saw the newspaper wrapping and failed to appreciate the positive results she experienced as” the Gift “(freedom from pain).


Dr. Gary Plummer: When each patient comes in I try to sit down with the person and simply talk with them for 15 minuets and get to know them as an individual. After the first 15 minuets I do a very thrall examination which may include and often does magnetic  imaging studies and if it is beneficial I have the patient consult Dr. John Mason MD who is board certified in Emergency Room medicine. I find I get the very best results when I include other health care professions with the treatment of patients. We use a team approach. I prefer patients to come in with insurance but I am willing to work with you and create a payment plan.

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