Everybody has their own opinion of how a Doctor should act.

I go out of my way when patients come in  not to be aloof  or stoic. I  talk with each person in the same way I use talk to my neighbors in my home state of Iowa. As I talk to the patients I try to educate them as much as I can to their condition if they want to listen. If they don’t want to learn about their ailment  I talk about fishing or what ever the topic of the day i.s My clientele in Charlotte County is very diverse The first patient of the day might hold a Ph.d and the second patient might be a junior high school student. Each patients ability to understand their problem is radically different.   After I assess the patients problem I always give the patient their treatment options and I tell them what I would do if I were them. Once people get to know me they all say its pretty obvious Im from Iowa.

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