Patients have been asking me about Obamacare

Patients have been asking me what I think about Obama Care.    My answer is short and sweet. Because Obamacare is not being subsidized by the Federal or State Government it is not affordable for anybody except  the very poor who are right at the poverty line. Patients don’t realize that Medicare and Medicaid is almost entirely funded by deficit spending by the government so the Medicare recipients don’t have any of the financial burden associated with the program.

On the other hand  Obamacare is NOT being subsidized either at the state or federal level.  Which means the true cost of  Billion dollar executive salaries, all the other add ons placed by the insurance companies and subsidizing low income patients are being boar by the patients that earn over 20k a year. 

 The Insurance companies are maximizing their profits by creating huge deductibles of 5,000 or 10,000 dollars a year with $60 to $100 dollar copay’s. Even higher income patients are left with only  major medical policies that don’t start contributing until the bill is over $12,000.

The truth is the president did his best to create affordable health care for everybody but the Insurance Corporations gutted the plan for their own benefit.

The best I can tell my patients is if you want to see a doctor go to that provider in person and inquire about your costs.

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