The average Floridians Insurance plight 2015

As I look forward to 2015 and look back to 2014 I don’t think I have ever seen  such a dramatic business change in one year involving the practice of  Chiropractic in Florida.

In olden times a patient came in to the office we made a copy of their insurance card and the patient received the treatment they needed.

Rick Scott did not expand Medicaid in Florida and took most the state regulations off of  private health insurance.  Which means that Insurance practically never covers everything a patient needs for care. Im starting to see $70 Co-pays with $5000 Deductibles. Just an adjustment now costs less than many co-pays. A Vice President of one of the major health Insurance companies quit after she learned that her company was trying to make the co-pays and deductibles so high patients couldn’t afford to use their insurance thus reaping huge rewards. The Insurance companies also are not filling high end cost specialties like cardiology so the patient can’t  run up a large bill even though their need is critical.. If they need specialized testing the average insurance policy wont cover it.

This forces more people into the emergency rooms because in practical terms they have no Insurance. It also means the working poor no matter how affordable care is can not afford to come in after paying their rent.

I cant set my prices low enough so the poor can afford to come in because after rent and food they have no money. On the other hand the average vacationer has no problem getting all the care they need because often times their insurance has a clause that states if  they are out of their home state they can go to whoever they need to.

I would have liked to have seen the government offer three plans one basic, one is moderate and one Cadillac. But that is too simple.

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