The Things Vacationers Want To Know

  • I answer the phone 24/7 for same-day appointments, including Saturdays and Sundays.
  • If you’re unsure if I can help, then call me for a five-minute complimentary phone consultation.
  • I’m happy to treat any patient once or twice. This is especially helpful for tourists and people with busy schedules.
  • I am the best value in town.
  • I accept most insurance plans including BCBS, Cigna and Medicare.
  • I accept private pay.
  • I practice traditional chiropractic and modern therapy methods. I also include a medical doctor when needed.
  • Call us before calling a lawyer.
  • The local emergency room is charging ridiculous prices. You may want to call me first if your problem isn’t an emergency but you’re in a lot of pain.
  • I limit my practice to conditions where I get a better outcome than medicine.
Call my cell phone number 941-740-2273 today!

Things Vacationers Want To Know | Plummer Chiropractic and Accident Center

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